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The academic staff at UNSW’s School of Social Sciences are active contributors to domestic and international media through commentary, feature articles and opinion pieces. Some examples are listed below. For a full list of articles, please visit our newsroom.  

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ABC – The Drum

Mark Rolfe comments on why politicians are often quick to level accusations of dishonesty at each other: When is a lie not a lie in politics?

The Age

Elizabeth Fernandez discusses the critical need for data about the lifelong impacts of growing up in institutional care: Finding the forgotten Australians – UNSW research project into children's homes

The Australian Financial Review

Alan Dupont, defines the new security challenges for Australia and the US: Australia's importance as US ally increasing, says professor

The Conversation

Anthony Billingsley comments on the likelihood of continued violence in Gaza: The Gaza bloodshed demands a proper process of accountability

Daily Life

A study by Associate Professor Jan Breckenridge and Dr Jesse Cale provides keen insight into young Australians aged 16–25 and their views towards gender stereotypes and violence in Australian society: ‘Five things we know about young people’s view on domestic violence

The Guardian

Dr Aminath Didi and Associate Professor Leanne Dowse share report findings which show that the discussion around domestic violence has so far excluded the experience of victims living with a disability: ‘Domestic violence more severe against women with disabilities, research shows

Nikkei Asian Review

Monika Barthwal-Datta explains why there is still cause for concern despite the recent slide in global food prices: Low prices aren't a food security panacea


Claudia Tazreiter highlights how Australia's treatment of asylum policy is influencing other countries, such as Indonesia and Malaysia: UNHCR 'extremely alarmed' at reports of boat turnbacks

The Sydney Morning Herald

Siobhan O’Sullivan cautions that proposed laws are designed to ensure activists could not let the community know about the abuse of animals: New laws could stop revelations of animal abuse

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