Governance & Global Change Cluster

Governance and Global Change Cluster

We are a collaborative, interdisciplinary group of scholars who collectively bring our skills, expertise and insights to bear on some of the most significant global challenges of our time. We share a particular focus on, and expertise in the areas of:

· Poverty, inequality and development

· Democracy, peace and human rights

· Climate change and new security challenges

· Identity, culture, (dis)order and justice

In grappling with these challenges, we draw on our diverse professional backgrounds and research expertise in disciplines including: political science, political economy, international relations, global health, political sociology, comparative politics, environmental politics, feminist theory, gender theory, anthropology of development, development policy, environmental justice, human geography, diplomacy, strategic studies, international law, contemporary political theory, history, political and legal theory, critical peace studies, global governance, indigenous politics, Australian politics, European politics, South and South-East Asian studies.

We adopt an integrated approach to our research, teaching and engagement efforts. Our world-class research underpins the educative experiences that we offer, and informs our regular contributions to national and international debates and policy-making processes.

We offer two Undergraduate Majors (Development Studies and Politics and International Relations) and two Postgraduate Degrees (Masters in International Relations and Development Studies). We have a vibrant postgraduate research student community, and warmly welcome applications from prospective research students, especially those interested in joining challenge-related teams and projects.

Undergraduate students wishing to major in the Governance and Global Change Cluster can also elect to map a “challenge-based” pathway through their studies, enabling them to acquire interdisciplinary awareness of and skills relating to any one of our four key challenges – be it poverty, inequality and development, or climate change and new security challenges.