Dr Jesse Cale

Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Social & Cultural Inquiry Cluster Convenor
BA (Justice Studies), MA (Criminology), PhD (Criminology)
School of Social Sciences


+61 (2) 93853225
+61 (2) 93851040
Room G33, Morven Brown
Kensington Campus


S1 2018: Thursdays 3pm-5pm or By appointment
Fields: Criminology, Causes and Prevention of Crime, Criminological Theories, Crime Policy




Jesse completed his PhD in Criminology from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, 2010. Jesse has lectured in criminology at various universities and has also worked as a research and policy analyst for the provincial government of British Columbia, Canada. Prior to commencing at UNSW, he was a Research Fellow in the Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice, and Governance at Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia). In 2017 he was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Criminology at the University of Cambridge. His main areas of research interest are sexual offenders and offences, developmental and life-course criminology, victimisation and victimology, and crime prevention and social policy.

Current funded research projects:

valentine, k., & Cale, J. (2017-2019). Evaluation of Home Detention in South Australia. Funded by the Department for Correctional Services South Australia. ($290,000).

Goldsmith, A., Brewer, R., Cale, J., & Holt, T. (2017-2021). Becoming a delinquent online: A longitudinal adolescent study. Australian Research Council Discovery Project: DP170103538. ($296,000).

Past funded research projects:

Baldry, E., Dowse, L., Bright, D., Graffam, J., Day, A., Cale, J., McGillivray, J., Bartlett, M., Ollerton, J., Christian, D., Spencer, S., Matin, A., Chavez, R., Giles, M. (2014-2017). A Future Beyond the Wall: Improving Post-release Employment Outcomes for People Leaving Prison. Australian Research Council Linkage Project: LP140100329. ($304,221).

Cale, J. (2010). Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Grant. (Awarded). ($38,000).

McCormick, A., Cale, J., Cohen, I., Corrado, C. (2009). The Use of On-line Pharmacies by British Columbia Residents. Funded by the British Columbia Centre for Social Responsibility. ($20,000).

Cale, J. (2008). Personnel Security Screening Survey Development Project. Funded by the Office of the Chief Information Officer, British Columbia, Canada. ($20,000).

Cale, J., & Winterdyk, J. (2007). National Mass Marketing Fraud Study. Research collaboration with Mount Royal University. Jointly funded by the British Columbia Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority and Alberta Justice Department, Canada. ($20,000).

Cale, J. (2006). Program Evaluation Review of Demand Reduction Strategies for Prostitution in Canada. Funded by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, British Columbia, Canada. ($5,000).


    Book Chapters

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    Journal articles

    • hilferty F;Lafferty L;valentine K;Cale J;Zmudski F, 2018, 'Changes to home detention in South Australia: Evaluation design and early implementation findings', Advancing Corrections
    • Kania R;Cale J, 2018, 'Preventing Sexual Violence Through Bystander Intervention: Attitudes, Behaviors, Missed Opportunities, and Barriers to Intervention Among Australian University Students', Journal of Interpersonal Violence, http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/0886260518764395
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Semester 1 2018:

CRIM5001: Explaining Crime 2


Honours and prizes

2011: Governor General of Canada Academic Gold Medal

2011: Award for the top ranked dissertation in any discipline in the catergory of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at Simon Fraser University  

Affiliations and membership

Visiting Scholar, Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge (2017)

Member, American Society of Criminology (ASC)

     Member: Division of Victimology (ASC)

     Executive Counselor: Division for Developmental and Life-course Criminology (ASC) (2013-2017)

Member, Global Centre for Evidence-based Corrections and Sentencing

UNSW Faculty Promotions Committee (2016-2018)

Editorial Board: Journal of Developmental and Life-course Criminology

Editorial Board: Victims and Offenders: An International Journal of Evidence-Based Research, Policy, and Practice