Dr Pichamon Yeophantong

Lecturer in International Relations and Development
BA (Hons) (Thammasat), MA (ANU), PhD (ANU)
School of Social Sciences


+61 (2) 9385 0614
+61 (2) 9662 8991
Room 112A, Morven Brown
Kensington Campus


By Appointment
Fields: Public Policy, Natural Resource Management, International Relations, Environmental Politics, Government and Politics of Asia and the Pacific


Dr Pichamon Yeophantong [พิชามญชุ์ เอี่ยวพานทอง; 皮查蒙 约范童] is Lecturer (Asst Prof) in International Relations and Development in the School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Pichamon leads the Environmental Justice and Human Rights in Asia Project at the Australian Human Rights Centre. She is also a Research Associate at the Global Economic Governance Programme, University College, Oxford, the Institute of Asian and Pacific Studies, University of Nottingham Ningbo, and the UNSW Global Water Institute. Pichamon currently serves on the Executive Committee of the International Studies Association's Global South Caucus as Asia representative, and is an Editor of the Human Rights Defender magazine. 

Prior to joining UNSW, Pichamon was a Global Leaders Fellow at Oxford University and the Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance, Princeton University. She was also an ASEAN-Canada Senior Fellow (non-resident) at the RSIS Non-Traditional Security Studies Centre, Nanyang Technological University. Pichamon has held visiting fellowships at a number of universities, including Peking University, China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai International Studies University, and National Taiwan University (as an inaugural Taiwan Fellow), having also taught at the ANU and Thammasat University. Pichamon completed her PhD and MA (with First-Class Honours) in Politics and International Relations at the Australian National University as an inaugural China Institute Scholar and Hedley Bull Scholar.

Pichamon has conducted extensive fieldwork in China and mainland Southeast Asia, and has been a consultant to the Africa Progress Panel and the Overseas Development Institute, among others. Between 2010-17, she delivered over 70 invited talks, keynote lectures and presentations in more than 10 countries. Her work has appeared in such publications as Pacific Affairs, Asian Survey, Chinese Journal of International Politics, and Water International. In addition to providing expert commentaries to SBS Radio and other news outlets, she has contributed feature articles and op-eds to major newspapers and magazines, including Yale Global and The Diplomat. She has also been interviewed and profiled in various radio, television and print media

Pichamon is working on two book manuscripts: one on how 'responsibility' features in China's engagement with global governance; and the other on the ecological footprint of Chinese resource investment in Southeast Asia. 


    Book Chapters

    • Yeophantong P, 2017, 'Asian Perspectives', in McGlinchey S; Walters R; Scheinpflug C (ed.), International Relations Theory, E-International Relations Publishing, Bristol, pp. 117 - 124
    • Yeophantong P, 2016, 'Conversations with confucius (551–479 BCE)', in The Return of the Theorists: Dialogues with Great Thinkers in International Relations, pp. 13 - 21, http://dx.doi.org/10.1057/9781137516459_3
    • Yeophantong P, 2016, 'China's Dam Diplomacy in the Mekong Region: Three Game Changers', in Blake D; Robins L (ed.), Water Governance Dynamics in the Mekong Region, Strategic Information and Research Development Center Press (for M-POWER), Selangor
    • Yeophantong P, 2016, 'Rebellions in China, Second Great Leap Forward, Commercial Revolution, Jin State', in Dillon M (ed.), Routledge Encyclopedia of Chinese History
    • Yeophantong P, 2016, 'Civil Regulation and Chinese Resource Investment in Vietnam and Myanmar', in Caballero-Anthony M; Barichello R (ed.), Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Growth, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, https://www.rsis.edu.sg/rsis-publication/nts/natural-resource-management-for-sustainable-growth/#.WNHPyXqVERN
    • Yeophantong P, 2016, 'China’s Hydropower Expansion and Influence over Environmental Governance in Mainland Southeast Asia', in Goh E (ed.), Rising China’s Influence in Developing Asia, Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 174 - 192
    • Yeophantong P;Maurin C, 2016, 'China and the Regulation of Outbound Investment: Towards A ‘Responsible Investment’ Policy Framework', in Bjorkland AK (ed.), The Yearbook on International Investment Law & Policy 2014-2015, Oxford University Press, New York
    • Yeophantong P, 2012, 'Imperialism: 1200 to 1900: East and Southeast Asia', in Stanton A; Ramsamy E; Seybolt P; Elliott C (ed.), Cultural Sociology of the Middle East, Asia, & Africa, SAGE Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA
    • Yeophantong P, 2012, 'Nationalism: 1900 to Present: East and Southeast Asia', in Stanton A; Ramsamy E; Seybolt P; Elliott C (ed.), Cultural Sociology of the Middle East, Asia, & Africa, SAGE Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA

    Journal articles

    • Yeophantong P, 2017, 'River activism, policy entrepreneurship and transboundary water disputes in Asia', Water International, vol. 42, pp. 163 - 186, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/02508060.2017.1279041
    • Yeophantong P, 2017, 'Editorial: Environmental Justice and Human Rights in Asia', Human Rights Defender, vol. 26, http://search.informit.com.au/documentSummary;dn=840121851849657;res=IELHSS
    • Yeophantong P;Shih CY, 2017, 'On Chinese Non-Interventionism: Governance, Governability and Global Governance [in Chinese]', Social Sciences, vol. 439
    • Yeophantong P, 2016, 'China and Disaster Governance: Assessing the Domestic Sources of a Global Responsibility', Journal of Chinese Political Science, vol. 21, pp. 241 - 255, http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11366-016-9406-2
    • Yeophantong P, 2015, 'Assessing Local Responses to Chinese-Backed Resource Development Projects in Myanmar and Cambodia: A Critical Survey', The Journal of Territorial and Maritime Studies, vol. 2, pp. 95 - 110
    • Yeophantong P, 2014, 'China’s Lancang Dam Cascade and Transnational Activism in the Mekong Region', Asian Survey, vol. 54, pp. 700 - 724, http://dx.doi.org/10.1525/as.2014.54.4.700
    • Yeophantong P;Maurin C, 2013, 'Going Global Responsibly? China's Strategies Towards “Sustainable” Overseas Investments', Pacific Affairs, vol. 86, pp. 281 - 303, http://dx.doi.org/10.5509/2013862281
    • Yeophantong P, 2013, 'Governing the World: China's Evolving Conceptions of Responsibility', The Chinese Journal of International Politics, vol. 6, pp. 329 - 364, http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/cjip/pot013
    • Yeophantong P, 2012, 'China, Responsibility, and the Politics of Regional Water Governance: the Case of the Lancang-Mekong River', Thammasat Review, vol. 15, pp. 59 - 75



    • Yeophantong P, 2015, The Struggle for Order: Hegemony, Hierarchy & Transition in Post-Cold War East Asia, WILEY-BLACKWELL, http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/aspp.12166
    • Yeophantong PM, 2013, China Orders the World: Normative Soft Power and Foreign Policy , edited by William A. Callahan and Elena Barabantseva. Washington: Woodrow Wilson Center Press; Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University, http://dx.doi.org/10.1086/671324
    • Yeophantong PM, 2012, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Mao's Global Order of Tripolarity , by Lai Sing Lam. Oxford: Peter Lang AG, 2011. x + 235 pp. SFR56.00/€35.50/£32.00/US$55.95 (paperback), SFR54.00/€35.50/£32.00/, http://dx.doi.org/10.1086/666553
    • Yeophantong P, 2012, Beating Devils and Burning Their Books: Views of China, Japan, and the West , edited by Anthony E. Clark. Ann Arbor: Association for Asian Studies, Inc., 2010. x + 248 pp. US$25.00 (paperback)., http://dx.doi.org/10.1086/665754
    • Yeophantong PM, 2010, Towards Responsible Government in East Asia: Trajectories, Intentions and Meanings, CONTEMPORARY CHINA CENTRE, http://dx.doi.org/10.1086/tcj.63.20749220
    • Yeophantong P, 2009, Speaking to History: The Story of King Goujian in Twentieth-Century China, CONTEMPORARY CHINA CENTRE, http://dx.doi.org/10.1086/tcj.62.20648167

    Working Papers

    • Yeophantong P, 2015, Civil Regulation and Chinese Resource Investment in Myanmar and Vietnam, Global Economic Governance Programme, Oxford University, Global Economic Governance Working Paper
    • Yeophantong P, 2013, China and the Politics of Hydropower Development: governing water and contesting responsibilities in the Mekong River Basin, Global Economic Governance Programme, Oxford University, Global Economic Governance Working Paper, 81
    • Yeophantong P, 2013, China, Corporate Responsibility and the Contentious Politics of Hydropower Development: Transnational Activism in the Mekong Region?, Global Economic Governance Programme, Oxford University, Global Economic Governance Working Paper, 82

    Edited Books



ARTS2751 International Development

ARTS3756 Development in Asia

POLS5127 China & Asia Pacific Security (MA course)




- Current: Xiaowei Liu (visiting PhD student), ‘China’s Political Responsibiltiy’ 


- Past: Shenning Sunny Cao


- Current: Tijana Kobilarov (SOCW) 

- Past: Kate Kalinova, Louise Mao

Honours and prizes

Honours, Distinctions, Grants, Fellowships, and Prizes (select)

- 2018. Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) [$357,773], Australian Research Council (ARC)

- 2017. Visiting Fellowship, Department of International Economics, China Foreign Affairs University

- 2017. Visiting Professor, China University of Political Science and Law

- 2017. Delegate, UNSW Indonesia Roadshow

- 2017. Delegate, U21 Early Career Researcher Workshop, Santiago, Chile

2017. Workshop Grant, Global Asia Initiative, Duke University

- 2016. Closing Plenary Speaker, International Studies Association Asia-Pacific Conference, Hong Kong

2016. Top-Level Expert Fellowship (Chinese Government grant scheme), School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Shanghai International Studies University

- 2016. Asia Representative, Executive Committee, Global South Caucus, International Studies Association

- 2015. Project Grant, School of Social Sciences, UNSW Sydney

- 2015. Expert Panelist (Global Security), SBS Future Forum

- 2015. International Expert Instructor, School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Shanghai International Studies University

- 2014. ASEAN-Canada Senior Fellowship, RSIS Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies, Nanyang Technological University (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVy_PGv9Gks)

2014. Visting Professor, School of Politics and Public Administration, China University of Political Science and Law

- 2013. 'Editor's Choice' Article, Chinese Journal of International Politics

2013. Faculty Speaker and Salzburg Global Fellowship, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, the Arts and Culture, Austria

2012-2014. Oxford-Princeton Global Leaders Fellowship, Oxford University and Princeton University 

- 2012. Second prize, Australian Institute of International Affairs Essay Competition

- 2010. Inaugural Taiwan Fellowship, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China

- 2010. First prize, ANU Research Note Competition, ANU

2010. Third prize, The Diplomat Essay Competition

- 2009-2010. Peking University Research Scholarship (two-time recipient)

2008. Inaugural China Institute PhD (Full) Scholarship, ANU

2007. Hedley Bull Scholarship, Graduate Studies in International Affairs Program, ANU

- 2007. Emile Boutmy Full Scholarship (la bourse d’excellence Emile Boutmy « complète »), Ecole doctorale de Sciences Po, Institut des Etudes Politiques de Paris (declined)

2007. Eiffel Scholarship (la bourse d’excellence Eiffel), French Government (declined)

2006. HRH King Bhumipol Award for Academic Excellence (University Medal), Thammasat University 

2005. Award for Meritorious Conduct, National Buddhist Association of Thailand under HM The King's Patronage


Diplomas and Certificates

2015. Foundations of University Teaching and Learning Certificate, UNSW. 

2005. Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française [Diploma in Advanced French], Ministère de l’Education Nationale, de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche, France

2006. Certificate in Advanced Chinese, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University

2006. Certificate in Advanced Japanese (Reading and Writing), Old Japan Students' Association, Thailand

- 2006. Certificate in Intermediate Spanish, Alliance Française, Thailand

Professional contribution

EditorHuman Rights Defender magazine, Australian Human Rights Institute

Consultant (select): American Service Friends Committee, Nanjing Forest Police College, Africa Progress Panel, and Overseas Development Institute

Asia Representative/Executive Committee Member, Global South Caucus, International Studies Association

- Book ReviewerThe China Journal, Pacific Affairs, Asian Politics and Policy, Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft, East Asia Integration Studies

- Reviewer (select)Water Policy, Asian Ethnicity, Asian Politics and Policy, Journal of Borderland Studies, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Palgrave Macmillan

School Ethics Officer: School of Social Sciences, UNSW

FASS Coordinator: China Model UN UNSW team

Conference Coordinator: 'Sixty-First Session of the United Nations Economic And Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific', Bangkok, Thailand

- Newsletter Editor: The Diamond Trading Company, De Beers Group, Thailand

Affiliations and membership

Director, Environmental Justice and Human Rights in Developing Asia Project, Australian Human Rights Institute: http://www.ahrcentre.org/topics/environmental-justice-and-human-rights-asia

- ASEAN-Canada Senior Fellow, RSIS Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies, Nanyang Technological University

- Research Associate, Global Economic Governance Programme, University College, Oxford; Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies, University of Nottingham Ningbo

- Affiliate, UNSW Global Water Institute, UNSW Institute of Environmental Studies

- Young Leader, Pacific Forum CSIS 

- Salzburg Global Fellow, Salzburg Global Seminar

- Member, Association of Chinese Political Studies; International Studies Association; Australian Institute of International Affairs; Golden Key International Honour Society

Other information

Invited Lectures and Presentations (select)

Between 2010-17, I delivered over 70 invited talks, lectures and presentations in more than 10 countries. The following is a selection: 

2017. 'Managing Resource Conflicts and Governance in Multiethnic Socieities in Asia', U21 Workshop on Interculturality and Multiculturalism', Pontificia Universidad de Católica de Chile. 

2017. 'Culture and Religion in Transboundary Water Governance in Asia', Duke Global Asia Initiative and Duke Kunshan University.

2016. 'Chinese and Japanese Aid Investment in Southeast Asia', Danish Institute for International Affairs. 

2016. 'Resource Governance and Conflict in Asia', Chatham House-KAF workshop, Hong Kong. 

2016. 'Conservation Governance and the Illegal Wildlife Trade in Cambodia', Nanjing Forest Police College. 

2015. Semi-Plenary on Earth System Governance in the Asia-Pacific Century, Earth System Governance Conference, Australian National University (http://www.earthsystemgovernance.org/canberra2015/).

2015. Expert Panelist (Global Security), SBS Future Forum.

2015. 'Chinese Resource Investment in Southeast Asia', Sogang Institute for East Asian Studies, Sogang University. 

2015'Civil Regulation and the Extractive Industries in Myanmar and Vietnam', RSIS Non-Traditional Security Studies Centre and the International Development Research Centre, Jakarta. 

2015. 'Non-State Actors and Transboundary Water Disputes in Asia', Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. 

2015. 'China and Disaster Governance: Assessing the Domestic Sources of a Global Responsibility', Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion, Lancaster University. 

2014'On Governability and Chinese Non-Interventionism', Institute for Comparative Research in Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsukuba University. 

2014'Bounded by Power? China and Regional Hydropower Development in Myanmar and Cambodia', Contemporary China Colloquium Princeton University.

- 2013. ‘China and Environmental Governance in Mainland Southeast Asia: Between influence and resistance’, Royal Holloway, University of London. 

- 2013. Workshop on Indigenous Knowledge and Natural Commons in Myanmar, Heinrich Boll Stiftung, Bangkok.  

- 2013. ‘China and the contentious politics of hydropower development in the Mekong Region’, Department of Social Sciences and Languages, Northumbria University in partnership with the Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University and the British Academy. 

2013. Faculty Speaker, 'On the Challenge of Local Engagement for Sustainable Action', Salzburg Global Seminar, available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55K4D5Kdnf0  

- 2012. Panel on The Geopolitics of Transboundary Water Governance, Global Economic Governance Programme, University College in parternship with the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University.

- 2011. ‘China, Responsibility and the Politics of Regional Water Governance: the case of the Lancang-Mekong River’, Faculty of Political Science, Thammasat University.

- 2010. ‘China’s Responsibility to Environmental Governance: a framework for analysis’, School of Environmental Science, Renmin University. 

- 2010. ‘Chinese Responsibilities and Global Governance: The case of the Mekong River’, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations. 

- 2010. ‘The Power of An Idea: China, Responsibility and Global Governance’, Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University in partnership with the Centre for Chinese Studies of the National Library.


Media Experience (select)

- 2017. Featured radio interview on political activist Liu Xiaobo's release, The Wire, available at: http://thewire.org.au/story/china-fails-release-nobel-laureate-liu-xiaobo-international-health-care-treatment/

2016. Featured radio interview on the Abu Sayyaf and terrorism in Southeast Asia ('South East Asia Violent Group in Focus'), SBS Thai, available at: http://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/thai/en/content/south-east-asia-violent-group-focus 

2016. Featured radio interview, 'Formula for a Genius', SBS Thai, available at: http://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/thai/en/content/formula-genius

2015. Backstory interview (26-year-old lecturer in International Relations and Development talks about starting university at 13), UNSW Uniken Magazine, available at: http://newsroom.unsw.edu.au/news/social-affairs/backstory-dr-pichamon-yeophantong

2015. Featured radio interview on the East and South China Seas, and the Port of Darwin lease ('Game of Dominance'), SBS Thai, available at: http://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/thai/en/content/game-dominance

2015. Featured interview, 'Australia's bright young minds talk tech & future fears', SBS Radio, available at: http://www.sbs.com.au/radio/futureforum

- 2015Featured radio interview on the Paris attacks, terrorism and global security ('Trails of Terror'), SBS Thai, available at: http://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/thai/en/content/trails-terror

- 2015Featured radio interview on the Paris attacks and the refugee crsis in Europe and Asia ('The refugee problem requires a sensitive balance'), SBS Chinese, available at: http://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/mandarin/zh-hans/content/nan-min-wen-ti-xu-yao-yi-ge-min-gan-de-ping-heng?language=zh-hans

2014. Featured interview, 'Born to be the genius' [in Thai], LIPS Magazine

2013. Featured interview, 'Dr Pichamon Yeophantong: A Thai genius' [in Thai], Sakulthai Magazine

- 2012. Featured interview, 'Homeschooling in Thailand' [in Thai], Mong Moom Mai [‘New Perspectives’] programme, Thai PBS Channel (on-air 11 March 2012)

- 2011. Featured interview [in Chinese] in Hu Li, ‘China’s imperative to rectify [its] “siege mentality”’ [Zhongguo you biyao jiuzheng ‘shou kun xintai’], Mingjing Magazine [Mingjing Yuekan] 12 (February 2011)

2010. Featured radio interview, ‘Sino-ASEAN relations’, Accent of Women, Australian 3CR (on-air 14 December 2010)

- 2010. Featured radio interview, ‘China and the Senkaku Islands dispute’, Accent of Women, Australian 3CR (on-air 11 October 2010)

2010. Featured interview, 'Spotlight: Thai High Achiever Advancing in Australia', The Australian Studies Centre Bulletin 1:2

2005. Featured interview, 'Pichamon Yeophantong: How homeschooling strengthens familial ties', Sakulthai Magazine 

- 2005. Featured interview, 'Pichamon Yeophantong: 15 year old genius' [in Thai], Matichon (26 May 2005)

- 2004-2005. Series of interviews on the T-Xchange programme, Thailand Outlook Channel