Dr Susanne Schmeidl

Lecturer in Development Studies
MA and PhD (Sociology, The Ohio State University, USA), 4 Year Applied Diploma (Social Paedagogy, Ev. Stiftungsfachhochschule Nuremberg, Germany)
School of Social Sciences, Forced Migration Research Network


+61 (0)2 9385 2405
Room 138, Morven Brown
Kensington Campus


by appointment
Fields: Social Change, Applied Sociology, Program Evaluation and Social Impact Assessment, Migration
Tags: International aid, International Relations, Cultural Understanding, Expanding Knowledge

Susanne Schmeidl has twenty years of research and professional expertise as a scholar-practitioner working with a variety of organisations (academia/university, non-governmental organisations and the United Nations) at the intersection of peace, security and development. Her inter-disciplinary research focus on three core areas—1) forced migration and refugees (incl. protection issues), 2) context-sensitive, participatory and inclusive development practice, 3) early warning, conflict prevention and civilian peacebuilding (incl. human security)—with a cross-cutting focus on gender and civil society.

Current Research Areas:

Machine Assisted Knowledge Mining for Conflict Early Warning: This joint project with the Department of Computer Sciences combines social and data science methods to process and extract critical information (e.g., conflict drivers, migration drivers) from large text streams. We are currently working on pilots for Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo and hope to expand this in the future to other areas. 

Unpacking Migration Drivers: Following up from my PhD on refugee early warning, I continue to work on mapping forced migration, trying to more systematically understand and model the factors that lead to large-scale population movements (inside countries and abroad). I am also increasingly interested in understanding the link between internal and external migration and possible interventions that prevent large-scale forced migration within the framework of protection. 

Negotiating Life in Insurgency-Controlled areas: This project aims to bring some nuance to the debate about popular support for the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan, especially from within the Pashtun ethnic group. Unpacking the notion of what constitutes 'popular' support, the research aims to challenge two prevalent assumptions: 1) that insurgent movements need strong (and perhaps genuine) citizen support; and 2) that insurgent movements are popular because they are better than the government.

Understanding the local in peacebuilding: Based on my long-term engagement with Afghanistan, this research tries to contribute to the critical peacebuilding debates around the local’ and 'hybridity' in peacebuilding. It aims to add context-specificity and nuance to both concepts and show how they are locally understood and negotiated. 

Areas of Postgraduate Research Supervision: Context and conflict-sensitive development practice, refugees and forced migration, bottom-up and participatory practices in development and peacebuilding. 

Susanne is a lead supervisor of the Scientia Scholarship Project 'Reimagining and Decolonizing Post-conflict Peacebuilding'. 


Susanne Schmeidl, a Fulbright Scholar, holds an MA (1989) and PhD (1995) in sociology from The Ohio State University (USA) and a 4-year Diploma in social work from a university of applied sciences in Germany. She has twenty years of research and professional expertise as a scholar-practitioner working with a variety of organizations (academic, UN, non-government, government) at the intersection of security and development. Her inter-disciplinary research has focussed on three core areas—1) forced migration and refugees (incl. protection issues), 2) context-sensitive, participatory and inclusive development practice, 3) early warning, conflict prevention and civilian peacebuilding (incl. human security)—with a cross-cutting focus on gender and civil society.

She has conducted research, trainings and implemented project in South Asia (Pakistan, India, Nepal), Africa (Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan), and Latin America (Mexico, Nicaragua); most recently having spent 13 years working in Afghanistan. She co-founded two Afghan non-governmental organizations, managing one for four years and advising the other for ten. Her applied work has focussed on developing and facilitating projects in the areas of civilian peacebuilding, conflict-sensitivity, protection, advocacy and track three-dialogue and civic education processes. 

She has worked with the Centre for Refugee Studies (York University), the applied think-tank swisspeace, the Inter-Governmental Organization for Development (Horn of Africa), the Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law at the Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and Governance, Griffith University and as a consultant with numerous donor governments. Her teaching has been mostly casual so far in the US, Switzerland, Germany and Australia. She held a visiting fellowship at the Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy at The Australian National University and currently is a non-resident research associate at the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies of the University of Otago, New Zealand.


    Book Chapters

    • Schmeidl S;Hedditch K, 2018, 'Changing Patterns of Internal Displacement: The Art of Figure Skating', in Hugo G; Abbasi-Shavazi MJ; Kraly EP (ed.), Demography of Refugee and Forced Migration, edn. International Studies in Population, Springer, New York, http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-67147-5
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    Journal articles

    • Heap B;Bain M;Wobcke W;Krzywicki A;Schmeidl S, 2017, 'Word Vector Enrichment of Low Frequency Words in the Bag-of-Words Model for Short Text Multi-class Classification Problems.', CoRR, vol. abs/1709.05778
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    Conference Papers

    • Heap B;Krzywicki A;Schmeidl S;Wobcke W;Bain M, 2017, 'A joint human/machine process for coding events and conflict drivers', in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), pp. 639 - 654, http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-69179-4_45

    Theses / Dissertations

    Conference Presentations

    • Schmeidl S, 2016, 'Local Peace Infrastructures in Afghanistan: Looking beyond Facades of Power to Inclusive Building Blocks for Peace', presented at 57th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 16 - 19 March 2016

    Working Papers

    Edited Books

    • 2014, Reconstructing Afghanistan: Civil-Military Experiences in Comparative Perspective, Routledge, New York
    • 2002, Early Warning and Conflict Management in the Horn of Africa, Red Sea Press, Lawrenceville, NJ / Asmara, Eritrea


ARTS1750 Introduction to Development Studies, S1 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

ARTS3751 Development in Practice: Project Design, S1 2017, 2018

ARTS3759 Preparation and Reflection on Internships 2017, 2018

ARTS3758 Global Change Internship 2017, 2018

ARTS2752 Local Politics of Development, S2 2015, 2016

ARTS3751 Agencies of Development (Capstone), S2 2015, 2016

Honours and prizes

2017 Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence (Early Career), Faculty of Arts/Science, UNSW Sydney

„Spin Giri –the white beards.“ A documentary about the swisspeace project – Tribal Liaison Office in Afghanistan. (English, German, Dari, Pashto, 55 Minutes), Berlin: The Heinrich Böll Foundation and Smidak Production.

Post Doctoral Fellowship, Centre for Refugee Studies, York University, Canada. 1995-1997.

Dorothy Brickman Leadership Award, Office of International Education, The Ohio State University, USA, 1995.

Presidential Fellowship for Outstanding Dissertation Research, The Graduate School, The Ohio State University, 1993-1994.

Harry and Ester Sonkin Family Fellowship for International Understanding and Peace, University Center for International Studies, The Ohio State University, 1993.

Honors Student, Honors Program of the American Sociological Association, American Sociological Association, 1991.

Fulbright Scholar, Fulbright Program of the Federal Republic of Germany, 1987-89.

Professional contribution

Member, Presidential Study Group on Radicalization, Afghanistan, National Security Council (October 2011)

Board Member, Rights and Democracy, 2003-2005. Advise on grant-making to women’s organization in Afghanistan.

Member at large, Executive Committee of the Peace Studies Section of the International Studies Association, 2001-2002.

Chair, Section on Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration for the International Studies Association (ENMISA), 2000-2001.

Chair-elect, Section on Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration for the International Studies Association (ENMISA), 1999 2000.

Vice-chair, Section on Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration for the International Studies Association (ENMISA), 1997-1999.

Co-Chair, 1998-1999 Program Committee of the Section on Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration for the International Studies Association (ENMISA), 1998-1999.

Chair, 1997-1998 Program Committee of the Section on Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration for the International Studies Association (ENMISA), 1997-1998.

Member, Executive (and 1996-1997 Program) Committee of the Section on Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration for the International Studies Association (ENMISA), 1996-1997.

President, The Ohio State University Association for Women in Development, The Ohio State University, 1994-1995.

Chair, Program Committee of the Steering Committee of the Women in Development Interest Group, The Ohio State University, 1993-1995.

Reviewer for Journal of Peacebuilding & Development,  Journal of Peace Research, Journal of Conflict Resolution, International Studies Review, Journal for Refugee Studies, International Migration Review, Social Science Quarterly, International Interactions, Forced Migration Review, the United Nations Press, Integrity Watch, Afghanistan Analysts Network.

Affiliations and membership

Since 2017; Board Member, Peaceifica, https://www.peacifica.org/ 

Since 2015; Board Member, The Liaison Office, Afghanistan; http://www.tloafghanistan.org/ 

Non-resident Research Associate, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Otago, New Zealand

I occasionally blog for the Lowy Interpreter:  http://www.lowyinterpreter.org/profile.aspx?id=Susanne%20Schmeidl

Related news

Other information

She is experienced in conference organization and dialouge facilitation, notable: 

The Afghan Civil Society Meeting (Bad Honnef (Bonn), Germany, 29 Nov -2 Dec 2001). Parallel civil society meeting to Petersberg (Bonn) Peace Process leading to the Bonn Agreement; tasked by the office of the Special Representative to the UN Secretary General for Afghanistan (Amb. Lakhdar Brahimi) in order to give civil society a voice in the Afghan peace process. Outcome: Creating of the Afghan Civil Society Forum. Organized jointly with the Stiftung Wissenschaft and Politik in Berlin

[this was followed by several other dialouge conferences in Afghanistan]

Synergy in Early Warning (Toronto, Ontario, March 15-18, 1997) jointly with York Centre for International and Security Studies, York University. Major conference brining diverse actors in early warning together for exchange, finding common grounds and projects.