Criminology is an interdisciplinary field devoted to the study of crime, deviance, social control and the legal system. At UNSW our criminology scholars investigate a broad range of topics including justice, conflict, risk, security, insurance, policing, governance, regulation and the complex interactions amongst systemic, social, community and individual factors that are integral to the area of law, crime and the criminal justice system.

Our criminologists tackle ‘real world' social problems including violence, discrimination, victimisation, youth in conflict with the law, community safety, Indigenous justice, organised crime, state crime, cyber crime, and international crime. Key concerns include what is defined as crime and how crime is measured, media reporting and portrayal of crime, the myriad of reasons why people commit crime and how societies might respond. Criminology at UNSW is recognized as a Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Research Strength.

Criminology is an interdisciplinary field and at UNSW is shaped not only by scholars in law, philosophy, psychology, sociology and policy studies, but also those in history, politics, economics, cultural studies, and other interdisciplinary fields as well as by professionals in medicine, social work and education.

The Criminology program at UNSW is jointly offered with the Faculty of Law. Our broader network spreads across five faculties at UNSW and brings together prominent national and international experts, creating a critical mass of leading scholars that makes UNSW an outstanding destination to study criminology and conduct criminological research in Australia.