Eileen Baldry

  • Comparative and national youth and adult penality 
  • Contextual, structural and institutional factors in criminal justice
    • Institutional pathways into the criminal justice system over an individual's life course
    • Intersectionalities - gender, race and disability
    • Colonialism, neo-colonialism, Indigenous Australians and criminal justice

Jane Bolitho

  • Victims and violent crime
  • Restorative justice
  • Youth justice

Jesse Cale

  • Sexual offenders and offences
  • Causes of serious and violent offending
  • Developmental and Life-course criminology
  • Sexual victimisation
  • Crime prevention and social policy

Chris Cunneen

  • Juvenile justice
  • Restorative justice and transitional justice
  • Penal theory and penality
  • Access to justice
  • Human rights
  • Indigenous legal issues, including civil, criminal and family law
  • Justice reinvestment
  • Colonial, neo-colonialism, and postcolonial theory and criminal justice

Bianca Fileborn

  • Sexual and gender-based violence
  • Sexual harassment and street harassment
  • Intersections of violence, identity (such as age, sexuality, gender), space and place
  • Night-time economy
  • Access to justice, informal, innovative and transformative justice
  • Sex, sexuality and gender

Alyce McGovern

  • Police communications and public relations
  • Police-media relations
  • Crime in the media
  • Criminology higher education
  • Crime and culture: yarn bombing and craftivism

Stacy Tzoumakis

  • Developmental and life-course and criminology
  • Origins of violence and aggression
  • Female delinquency and offending
  • Young people and the criminal justice system
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Mental health and offending
  • Early intervention and prevention

Phillip Wadds

  • Crime prevention
  • Policing policy and practice
  • Plural policing
  • the night-time economy
  • Alcohol and drug related violence
  • Urban governance
  • Media, crime and policing