The field of Development Studies is a dynamic and rapidly changing one, with many challenges and changes. Economic development is proceeding rapidly in some countries, while others are being left behind. Urbanisation is accelerating; disparities are widening; the environment is threatened; communication and other technologies have been transformed - nothing stands still and development gains for some often lead to losses for others. There are no simple answers, but engage with us in examining and exploring the issues and generating ideas and mechanisms to promote solutions.

Development Studies at UNSW comes from a variety of different disciplines - from anthropology to forestry, social work to international relations, economics to public health. From these disciplinary bases we interact around current debates in the field of development, examining the underlying processes, objectives, and the impact they have on the lives of many of the world's people.

Each of our staff members is involved with teaching, researching, and supervising research students, and we welcome enquiries from prospective students.