Linda Bartolomei

  • Refugees and displacement
  • Refugee women and sexual violence
  • Refugee women at risk
  • Ethics of research with refugee communities
  • Human rights and community development

Duncan McDuie-Ra

  • Urban development
  • Vernacular urbanism
  • Migration (domestic and international)
  • Borderlands
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Ethnography of infrastructure
  • Masculinity

Tanya Jakimow

  • Development actors, practices and policies in India and Indonesia
  • Governance and community driven development in urban locales
  • Emotion and affect in the development ‘terrain’
  • Local developers: volunteers, representatives and practitioners
  • The political economy of personhood and development
  • Livelihoods and agrarian change
  • Small, local non-government organisations

Susanne Schmeidl

  • Intersection of peace, security and development in Afghanistan, South Asia and the Horn of Africa
  • Context-sensitive approaches to development and peacebuilding
  • Development in situations of fragility
  • Conflict/peace and development relationship
  • Bottom-up and participatory approaches to peace/statebuilding
  • Refugees and internally displaced persons
  • Protection and rights-based approaches to development
  • The role of civil society and non-state actors in peace/statebuilding

Krishna K. Shrestha

  • Climate change adaptation and equity
  • Environmental justice and sustainable development
  • Political ecology of natural resource management
  • Science-policy interface and food security
  • Communicative planning, participation and development

Pichamon Yeophantong

  • Environmental governance in China and Southeast Asia
  • Transboundary water governance in the Mekong region
  • Transnational activism in East and Southeast Asia
  • Indigenous knowledge and environmental management in Myanmar
  • Political economy of Chinese resource investment

Anthony Zwi

  • Global health and development – politics, policy and agendas
  • Conflict and peacebuilding – with an emphasis on the challenges of development and “post”-conflict
  • Natural and man-made disasters, resilience, gender, and humanitarian response
  • Social justice, human rights and gender equity in the development arena
  • Towards evidence-informed policy - research, ethics, evidence, and engagement in humanitarian, development, and health policy arenas