Nick Apoifis

  • Contemporary radical social movements
  • Ethnographic research and militant communities
  • Settler-colonial studies
  • Sport and development studies
  • European politic

Monika Barthwal-Datta

  • Critical approaches to international security
  • Securitization studies
  • Food security
  • Regional security in South Asia
  • Indian foreign policy

Andrea Benvenuti

  • History of twentieth century international relations
  • Cold War history in Asia and Europe
  • Imperial and commonwealth history
  • Contemporary European history and politics
  • European integration
  • Foreign policies of the great powers
  • Australian foreign policy

Anthony Billingsley

William Clapton

  • India’s Nuclear Weapons Program
  • Securitisation and Desecuritisation
  • Australian and US Foreign Policy
  • International Relations Theory
  • Sovereignty, Anarchy and Hierarchy in IR
  • Risk and International Relations
  • Popular culture in world politics

Penny Griffin

  • Global governance and international organisations, particularly economic organisations and development banks
  • International (global) political economy
  • The global financial crisis
  • Economic development and neoliberal economic theory
  • International relations
  • Gender, sexuality and feminism.
  • Visual and popular culture in world politics.

Annie Herro

  • Transnational advocacy networks
  • Human rights and the rights of older persons
  • Pre-negotiations
  • Peacekeeping
  • Responsibility to protect and the protection of civilians in conflict

Geoff Levey

  • Multiculturalism and cultural rights
  • Ethnicity, religion and liberal democracy
  • Citizenship and national identity
  • Individual autonomy in political theory and practice
  • Jewish politics and society

Elizabeth Thurbon

  • The political economy of techno-industrial development and change
  • The rise and evolution of East Asia’s Developmental States
  • The relationship between the developmental mindset and strategic industrial and financial governance
  • Australian trade and industrial governance
  • The relationship between trade policy and industrial transformation in Australia, Asia and the United States

Carolien van Ham

  • Comparative politics
  • Democratic reversal and democratic renewal
  • Democratization and authoritarianism
  • Election integrity, electoral fraud
  • Political representation, accountability and legitimacy
  • Quality of democracy

 Marc Williams

  • Global civil society
  • Global environmental politics
  • The BRICS and global governance
  • The WTO and world trade
  • Climate change and the Pacific