The study of Politics and International Relations focuses on the workings of government and global politics, and will help you understand the most pressing challenges facing the world today, including peace and security, climate change, development, human rights, governance and inequality. The solutions to many national and global problems are often intricately connected with regional and global processes, structures, mechanisms, forces, interests, customs and institutions. Knowing how to identify these solutions, their context and histories, is often challenging, frequently rewarding, and always interesting. Studying Politics and International Relations will give you insight into the complex relationships between state and non-state actors, individuals and organisations in national and international contexts, and you will learn how to think critically about the nature of power in contemporary and historical perspective. The study of Politics and International Relations equips future policy-makers (as well as concerned citizens) with the tools to understand the complexities of the world.

Undergraduate Study Options

Undergraduate Study Options:

Bachelor of Arts (Major or Minor)

Bachelor of Arts & Business (Major or Minor)

Bachelor of Social Research & Policy (Major)

Bachelor of Economics (Minor)

Bachelor of Commerce International (Major)

Free Elective

General Education

Sample courses:

Contemporary Issues in Government and Global Politics; Political Institutions, Principles, and Ideologies; Democracy and Authoritarianism in the 21st century; The Politics of International Organisation; Introduction to Global Political Economy; Diplomacy and Statecraft: Past, Present, Futures; Sex, Human Rights and Justice; European Governance; Emerging Challenges in International Security; Modern Political Thought


Studying Honours offers a chance to develop your research and professional skills guided by staff who are passionate about research and the development of new researchers. The research produced by an Honours student can set them apart from other graduates because of the skills developed, and the extended engagement in a relevant field of study.

Postgraduate Coursework

International Relations is available through the following postgraduate coursework study options:

Master of International Relations

Master of International Law & International Relations

You might also be interested in:

Master of Public Policy and Governance

Master of Development Studies

Sample Courses

Global Politics; International Organisations; International Political Economy; China and Asia-Pacific Security; Foreign Policies of the Great Powers; International Peace & Security; Developing Countries and the International System.

Postgraduate Research

UNSW Arts and Social Sciences offers our postgraduate research candidates undertake research through supervision with leading academics to produce an original body of work. In the disciplines of Politics and International Relations, students can choose from a Doctor of Philosophy or a Masters by Research.

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