Sonia Graham

  • Rural social relations pertaining to natural resource management
  • Equity in adaptation to climate change, particularly sea-level rise
  • Environmental policy
  • Computer simulation modelling of natural resource systems

Caroline Lenette

  • Refugee and mental health and wellbeing
  • Settlement experiences of refugee women
  • Arts based methods in health
  • Visual ethnography
  • Participatory music and refugee and asylum seeker health
  • Experiences of underrepresented groups in higher education

Siobhan O’Sullivan

  • Employment services
  • New public management
  • Social policy
  • Public policy
  • Welfare state reform
  • Animal welfare
  • Environmental policy

Charlotte Smedley

  • Disability, especially media representation of disability
  • Public attitudes to asylum seekers and refugees
  • Concepts of modern slavery
  • Management of community organisations

Kim Spurway

  • Disasters and humanitarian emergencies (including climate change adaptation)
  • Vulnerability and resilience paradigms in disasters and emergencies
  • 'Vulnerable groups' (e.g. PWDs, women) and disasters, humanitarian emergencies
  • Evidence based policy, use of evidence in humanitarian emergencies, disaster risk management and risk reduction strategies
  • International policies and frameworks: HFA, MDGs, sustainable development, CCA

Chris Walker

  • Theories of regulation, particularly self-regulation
  • Road transport regulation
  • Policy analysis and policy development
  • Intergovernmental relations and federalism
  • Public sector management and public sector reform
  • Case teaching and student plagiarism