Field Education

BSW Field Education

Field Education is an integral component of the Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (Honours). The Field Education strand is implemented as a joint endeavour of the Social Work Program and the field agencies that offer students the opportunity to develop practice competence under qualified supervision in approved human service organisations. The two Field Education courses are Social Work Practice Level 3 Placement, SOCW3012, SOCW3013 (18 units of credit) and Social Work Practice Level 4 Placement, SOCW4017, SOCW4018 (18 units of credit). A field placement involves a student being assigned to a Field Educator in a social welfare, health or community service agency for a particular period of time. In this time they will be expected to undertake work considered appropriate both by the agency and the University. The Field Educator allocates and supervises the work undertaken by the student and provides a supportive environment in which the student can acquire the knowledge, skills and values appropriate to social work practice.

Level 3 Placement

Level 3 Placement is a 70-day placement. The placement starts at the end of January and runs 4 days a week (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) until early June. Students attend university lectures and tutorials (including Placement Integration Seminars) on Fridays during university session.

Level 4 Placement

Level 4 Placement is a 70-day placement. The placement starts at the beginning of July and finishes in Mid-November. Placement attendance is 4 days a week (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays). Students attend Honours and Placement Integration Seminars seminars on Fridays during the semester.

Placement Manual

For more information and policies, please download the the Placement Manual (PDF).

Social Work Field Education Management System

The Social Work Field Education Management System can be accessed by students who are currently undertaking Level 3 or Level 4 Placement.

How to Grow A Social Worker

For resources and interactive worksheets for student supervision please download How to Grow a Social Worker: A Comprehensive Guide to Student Supervision (PDF) [1 Mb].

Advanced Supervisory Practice Course

Further information on the 2018 Advanced Supervisory Practice Course and further study on student supervision please download the brochure (PDF) [2 Mb]

Further Information/Contact

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