Bachelor of Social Work Honours (BSW Hons) - 4033

The Bachelor of Social Work with Honours (UNSW BSW Hons) offers an innovative and accredited program leading to eligibility for membership of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW). The UNSW BSW Hons includes studies in the areas of social work practice, social and behavioural sciences, and contextual studies. The program includes a number of courses aimed at the development of research skills, including research design and methodology, and every student completes a piece of independent or directed research as part of the Honours requirement.

The UNSW BSW Hons draws on the extensive expertise and experience of qualified Social Work practitioners to deliver a unique combination of scholarly and practise-based courses. Students also undertake two separate field placements in Years 3 and 4 of the degree to gain the necessary practical experience.

The BSW Hons can be completed full-time in Single mode (normally 4 years) or in Dual mode (the equivalent of three years full-time). It is not offered part-time.

Honours Streams

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, all students will graduate with Honours (AQF Level 8). Upon reaching level 4 of the program students will enter one of two Honours streams.

The first Honours stream will complete an enquiry based professional portfolio undertaken alongside their fourth level placement that integrates scholarship with their professional social work placement context.

The second Honours stream provides those students interested in undertaking their own small practice, or conceptual research project the opportunity to produce a research-based thesis. The thesis will be guided by social work staff who are passionate about research and the development of new researchers.


Postgraduate Coursework

Master of Counselling Social Work (8930)

The Master of Counselling Social Work (MCSW) offers postgraduate opportunities for qualified social workers to study advanced practice in the field of counselling. The MCSW program is designed for social workers who want to consolidate and extend their knowledge and skills in counselling practice. Objectives include the development of knowledge of counselling frameworks consistent with a strengths-based and family-sensitive approach, the development of clinical skills, and the development of an appreciation of the research process in this field.

Student stories

Advanced Supervisory Practice Course

The Advanced Supervisory Practice Course offers an intensive training program for supervisors in the techniques of student supervision. The emphasis in the course is on learning through engagement with current theory, simulated learning, applied activities and discussions led by highly experienced supervisors. The course will facilitate reflection upon typical situations encountered in student supervision, theory and practice integration, approaches to providing high quality performance feedback and building evidence for student assessment and evaluation. Successful completion of the Advanced Supervisory Practice Course significantly enhances the professional competence and efficacy of supervisors and will be recognised with a certificate from UNSW Australia testifying to the achievement of course objectives.

Other Coursework

Other relevant Coursework Masters degrees for Social Workers offered in the School of Social Sciences:


Postgraduate Research

Find out more about entry requirements, supervision areas etc. on the School of Social Sciences Postgraduate Research page.

Professional Doctorate (DSW)

The DSW is a postgraduate research degree available for social workers. It provides the opportunity to combine postgraduate coursework study directly related to an area of advanced social work practice with doctoral research that builds social work knowledge, leading to the presentation of a doctoral thesis. The degree consists of one-third coursework (equivalent to one year full-time, Year 1) and two-thirds research (equivalent to two years full-time, Years 2 and 3). The length of the doctoral thesis is typically 50,000-60,000 words. There is a choice of specialised coursework study in three programs offered by the School of Social Sciences: the Master of Counselling Social Work (8930), the Master of Development Studies (8939) and the Master of Policy Studies (8428).

Doctor of Philosophy and Masters by Research

UNSW Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers our postgraduate research candidates the opportunity to undertake research through supervision with leading academics to produce an original body of work. In Social Work students can choose from a Doctor of Philosophy or a Masters by Research.