Alex Broom

  • Sociology of health, illness and medicine
  • Cancer, palliative and end-of-life care
  • Death, dying and bereavement
  • Traditional, complementary and alternative medicines
  • Intersections of individual biographies and illness experiences
  • Social inequalities and social justice
  • Professional and inter-professional dynamics in health and medicine;
  • Health in developing countries

Amanda Kearney

  • Sociocultural anthropology
  • Indigenous Australia
  • Ethnographic methods
  • Ethnic studies
  • Cultural wounding and healing
  • Trauma and violence in place

Andrew Metcalfe

  • Social theory
  • Relationship
  • Gift and charity
  • Belonging
  • Time and space

Katrina Moore

  • Ageing and wellbeing
  • Ethnography
  • Intergenerationality
  • Community
  • Social memory

Claudia Tazreiter

  • Sociology of migration
  • Human rights/post-human ethics
  • Gendered violence and human mobility
  • Civil society and civility
  • Social theory
  • Memory studies

Melanie White

  • Classical social theory
  • Contemporary social theory
  • Vitalism and biopolitics
  • Human/non-human relations
  • Citizenship and civil society

Mary Zournazi

  • Subjectivity, intimacy and care
  • Rethinking dementia
  • Memory and belonging
  • Identity and postcolonial thought
  • Cinema and the image
  • Social justice
  • Politics of hope
  • Ecology and the social
  • New philosophies of thinking
  • Writing and performance

The following Sociology and Anthropology Higher Degree Research Candidates are supervised by our academic staff:

  • Karim Abdelaty – Cyberspace pressuring for urban solutions?
  • Joseph Alizzi – Responsiveness to climate change: exploring action and vulnerability through the innate political
  • Zoe Baker – The commons and the Camino
  • Holi Birman – Understanding care: volunteering in the space of palliative care
  • Guat Im Bok – Beauty and the bitch: the beauty retail industry
  • HarnShian Boo – Division of Household Labour: A Study of Malay and Chinese Families in Malaysia
  • Abe Bradfield – Imagining Indigenous Australia: portrayals of an imprisoned people
  • Na’ama Carlin – Violence, writing, and identity: an opening up of the question of ethics through Jewish ritual circumcision
  • Kim Chong –The world and the garden
  • Jac Dalziell – Mind out of place: thinking matter through posthumanism
  • Ele Jansen – Misfit lifestyles: institutionalizing collaboration and play among creative storytelling collectives
  • Nicodemus Lim – Communities of Care and Community Care: Perspectives of Older Australian and Singaporean Service Users, Caregivers and Policy-Makers
  • Sabrina Maheen Karim – Home and away: transnationalism and the Bangladeshi diaspora in Sydney
  • Josina Octavina – Gendered divisions of labour in Papua New Guinea
  • Rebecca Oxley –The lived embodiment of fathers with postnatal depression
  • Richard Sanchez – The ethics of choral performance
  • Cynthia Fernandez Roich – Argentina: from fragility to stability
  • Megan Russell – Kawaii subcultures
  • Dita Svelte – Fashion, wit, magic
  • Rosalind Tan – The ethic of politeness and the development of the public sphere in eighteenth century England
  • Edwina Throsby – Rethinking ‘the swinging voter’