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Voices of Waterloo
Who:Waterloo Estate Residents and UNSW CDP
Venue:Redfern Town Hall - 73 Pitt Street, Redfern
When:14 Mar 2017, 5:30pm - 7:30pm

You are invited to an exclusive screening of 'Voices of Waterloo,' a Waterloo Estate Narrative Film Project.

Welfare fraud and control over the poor
Who:UNSW Practical Justice Initiative + School of Social Sciences
Venue:Room 221/223, Level 2, John Goodsell Building, UNSW Kensington (map ref F20)
When:30 Mar 2017, 4pm - 5:30pm

Professor Vincent Dubois from the University of Strasbourg will show how the coming together of various social fields (Bourdieu) – from expertise to the media and the political arena – promotes welfare fraud as a public problem, and the reinforcement of welfare control as a policy priority.

Young People with Complex Support Needs: Knowledge Exchange for Research, Policy and Practice
Who:Intellectual Disability Behaviour Support Program
Venue:Room 221/223 John Goodsell Building
When:5 Apr 2017, 2pm - 5pm

The Intellectual Disability Behaviour Support (IDBS) program at UNSW invites stakeholders to a roundtable on knowledge exchange (KE) to address the complex support needs experienced by some young people. ‘Complex support needs’ is the term used to indicate overlapping forms of disadvantage, which may include out of home placement or housing insecurity, cognitive impairment, psychosocial disability, contact with the justice system, educational disengagement, and/or cultural marginality. The complexity in these young people’s lives emerges from failures of support systems and services. KE is the process of making the best use of lived experience, research evidence and front line knowledge to improve the impact of research, policy and practice. Effective KE is crucial to improving the lives of young people with complex support needs.

The relationship between SEND and offending in the UK Youth Justice System
Who:Professor Hannah Smithson, Manchester Metropolitan University
Venue:Room 221/223, Level 2, John Goodsell Building, UNSW Kensington Campus
When:6 Apr 2017, 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Why do we still find undiagnosed SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) issues in children who have been through the whole education system. How can they be missed?

Global Arts and Psychology Seminar (GAPS)
Who:School of the Arts & Media
Venue:John Niland Scientia Building
When:28 Apr 2017, 5pm - 9:30pm
29 Apr 2017, 9am - 1:30pm

GAPS is about the arts and the people who create and appreciate them, from a scientific psychological perspective. 

"Why We Can't Bomb North Korea"
Who:The UNSW Globalisation & Governance Research Network in conjunction with the Korea Research Institute (KRI@UNSW)
Venue:Room 310, Level 3, Morven Brown Building
When:11 May 2017, 2pm - 3:30pm

Please join us to hear International Relations expert Professor Kim Jaechun talk about the North Korean Nuclear Crisis and what we should do about it.

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