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Two years after the earthquake, why hasn't Nepal recovered? Opinion - Posted on 15 May 2017

Two years after the second earthquake rocked Nepal in 2015, the recovery efforts have been stalled by political instability and money mismanagement, Hemant Ojha, Eileen Baldry and Krishna K. Shrestha.

Spring Meetings: Person of the Day In The Media - Posted on 28 April 2017

Joshua Miller, PhD Candidate, University of New South Wales, Sydney, is currently attending the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings to discuss issues regarding the global economy in Washington DC.

UNSW hosts ground-breaking ‘virtual’ conference Article - Posted on 28 April 2017

Research in music and psychology.

Trump's cheap shot on Syria Opinion - Posted on 18 April 2017

The cruise missile attack on Syria last week may have boosted President Trump’s weak standing at home but fails on more serious criteria of legality and morality, writes international relations lecturer Anthony Billingsley.

Where are they now? What public transport data reveal about lockout laws and nightlife Opinion - Posted on 11 April 2017

Yes, lockout laws have succeeded in decreasing crime in certain neighbourhoods. But an analysis of transport data points to different impacts across the city, writes Criminology lecturer Phillip Wadds.

Sydney Writer's Festival 2017 Article - Posted on 10 April 2017

2017 marks our eighth year as a proud Major Partner of the Sydney Writers' Festival.

Dogs of Democracy: a treatise on peace and the politics of identity Article - Posted on 7 April 2017

A holiday to discover her cultural heritage became the impetus for an award-winning documentary for Dr Mary Zournazi, School of Social Sciences.

How ethical is sexual assault research? In The Media - Posted on 6 April 2017

Australian universities release findings of research on sexual assault on campus.

How ethical is sexual assault research? In The Media - Posted on 6 April 2017

Dr Bianca Fileborn raises some substantial questions about what constitutes “ethical” research on sexual assault.

A Tale of Two Interns - Bronwyn Thomas and Mansi Bhatt - Development Studies Article - Posted on 31 March 2017

By Natasha Sum, Communications and Advocacy Officer, ChildFund Australia

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Why the ‘Hands Off’ campaign targeting sexual harassment on public transport misses the mark

A new campaign targeting sexual assault on public transport is a positive development but is unlikely to generate substantive, longer-term change, writes Bianca Fileborn.

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