Research Centres & Networks

Forced Migration Research Network

Today, one in seven people are on the move. For some, this is a choice but for others the displacement is forced due to conflict, discrimination, persecution, extreme poverty, or environmental disasters. and multi-sectoral approach to research that engages with this phenomenon is required. In recognition of this increasingly complex area, and the breadth of interdisciplinary work being undertaken at UNSW Arts & Social Sciences, the Forced Migration Research Network (FMRN) was initiated by scholars Associate Professor Claudia Tazreiter, Dr Linda Bartolomei, Dr Caroline Lenette and Dr Susanne Schmeidl, affiliated with the Centre for Refugee Research (CRR) based in the School of Social Sciences. This network builds on a long history of high impact work and also draws together other researchers from history, philosophy, media and film studies, cultural studies, education and social psychology who are producing highly original research on various aspects of human mobility.

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Biopolitical Studies Research Network

How is biological life socially and politically organised? This question has come to dominate the fields of contemporary philosophy, the social sciences, and literary studies. At the UNSW Arts and Social Sciences Biopolitical Studies Research Network, our purpose is to produce innovative research in international publications that cuts across established disciplinary frontiers.

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Gendered Violence Research Network

The Gendered Violence Research Network (GVRN) promotes informed, research-based discussion of policy and practice for reducing and mitigating the harmful effects of Gender Related Violence. We strongly prioritise engagement with key communities, including service providers and users from domestic violence, family violence, sexual assault, child protection and other gendered-violence contexts.

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Globalisation and Governance Research Network

The Globalisation and Governance (G&G) Research Network is the only Australian-based research network dedicated to understanding the complex relationship between globalisation and governance at every level, from local to global.

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