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Integrating study & work experience

UNSW’s School of Social Sciences aims to provide every student in undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs with the opportunity to undertake a placement, internship or practicum. We refer to this as ‘work integrated learning’ and it is an integral part of our engagement with external organisations.

Work integrated learning is all about putting theory into practice! Hear from students at UNSW School of Social Sciences and their host organisations as they share their first hand experiences in this short video.

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Development Studies

Students in our undergraduate program have the opportunity to include a degree credit internship which provides the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a variety of development related organisations internationally.

If you are taking part in our undergraduate program, you have the opportunity to include a degree credit internship in your third year which provides the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a variety of development related organisations internationally. Through ARTS3758 Global Change Internship, you gain international exposure and a deeper understanding of the political, social and cultural context of a development context.

This internship provides a one-of-a-kind experience to help you understand context-sensitive development in practice and gain valuable professional experience. Past student interns have described it as a ‘life-changing experience’. ARTS3759 is a prepatory course which is completed in conjunction with ARTS3758.

If you are interested in applying, please note that student cannot enrol themselves into this course. This is obtained by submitting an EOI and undertaking a selection interview. Once successful the WIL Unit will enrol you into both courses.

Follow the link for the EOI form and further information:

Use the self-enrolment key “wil_internship” to access the Moodle page

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Hear from our students/ Testimonial:

Testimonial 1 - Sandy Wang, Laos 2018

“My internship with ChildFund Laos was an empowering and rewarding experience. Through the hands-on learning, I was able to transfer some theory to real life practices, which elucidated to me the concepts of development and implications of ethical practices. The internship has given me an invaluable real-life taste of working in development. I have gained not only a better understanding of the professional expectations from the industry, but also an opportunity to enhance my cultural competence and essential soft skills required for future career development.”

Hear from the CEO of ChildFund with our students and the Vietnam team

Testimonial 2 - A Tale of Two Interns


Q: When will ARTS3758 be offered?

A: Likely offered in Term 3 and another Term (TBC). We will announce the offer the Term before it occurs. By filling out an EOI on the information Moodle page , you will be made alert to when an opportunity is available.

It will be offered dependant on certain variables:

• The location of the organisation

• The needs of the organisation

• Climate

• Cultural events

• Religious events

Q: Can I enrol myself?

A: No. Students must fill out an application form and go through a selective interview process before they are accepted into the course. Work-integrated-learning will enrol you into ARTS3758 and ARTS3759 once you have been successful in applying.

Q: Can I find my own internship?

A: No. The course convenor has developed relationships with partner organisations over time. The course convenor provides the internship opportunities

Q: Who can apply?

A: The following are minimum guidelines:

• Enrolled in a Major associated with the School of Social Sciences (Politics/IR, Sociology/Anthropology, Development Studies, Social Work, Criminology, Social Research and Policy)

• Enrolled in a Development Studies Minor

• A minimum of 84 UoC completed in your Degree

• Responded to an internship call with an application

• WAM of 75

Students will need to Major or Minor in Development studies for any ChildFund opportunities advertised.

For Further FAQs, please refer to FAQs section under FASS WIL

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