Warm winter acnimal house made from acmmed earth.





This is a model of a village of 1000 people, set in 4 square km, showing how highly self-sufficient it could be. Estimated per capita needs for food, fuel wood, grainland, dairy etc. are shown, resulting in a footprint of perhaps .25 ha per capita, compared with the Australian national average of 8 ha (although that includes some national factors not included in this model.) For the detail see "How cheaply we could live".




This where we discuss the environment problem. Our affluent way of life inevitably destroys the environment and it cannot be saved unless we move to The Simpler Way. Firstly we note that most thinking about the environment is only “light green”, because it assumes that doing things like recycling and using hybrid cars can solve the problem – while we all go on trying to live affluently in a growth economy. But “Dark green” people realize that the environment problem is due to the fact that far too much producing and consuming is going on, and cannot be solved unless these rates are cut perhaps by 90%...and therefore cannot be solved wthout radical system change.

Add to this the significance of economic growth. The lines on the board represent accelerating environmental problems. The 20 cm vertical column in the centre baseline represents world economic output now…but if there is 3% p.a. growth then by 2080 the amount of producing and consuming going on in the world will be 8 times as great as it is now! Environmental problems are catastrophic now…what will they be like with 8 times as much economic output every year? Yet almost all “green” parties, agencies and activists ignore this point.

These numbers make it clear that technical advance cannot solve the problem; the problem is too big.


For the detail, The Environmental Problem.




Home made spotted gums...grown from seed.



Billy is our chief fire protection officer. He and Smokey graze in the paddock on the fire danger side of the house, keeping it clear of growth. This isw a Permnaculture idea; get the system to perform tasks automatically where possible.



Engine house. A 12 volt motor from a car fan is geared down using the big wheel and bike chains to drive two pumps, and a washing machine. It will soon be connected to the world's tiniest firewood saw.




Another tank for bushfire safety water, home made by plstering cement over chicken wire. It will soon grow edible fish.

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Western culture must change considerably if we are to build satisfactory communities, especially towards more collectivist and caring attitudes. major merit of The impler Way is that it eliminates the need for people to be competitive and individualistic, which is crucial to survive in consumer-capitalist society. The Simpler Way requies and rewards cooperation.


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